random and honest and inspired

sunny queeny walking
sunny queeny walking

okay, so i have totally tried this out before, this blog thing, and wound up deleting it before it could even marinade. i had tons of time the summer after i graduated college and decided to start a project. when i moved back to nyc all the change freaked me out, as it would anyone. anyways, i am navigating this blogosphere like my life. i have decided. it’s not just going to be about workouts and food because that’s not me. it’s not just going to be poems that i am proud of but probably sound like i tried too hard. it won’t be artsy photos that i want to put up to make me look cool. nope…this place is going to be honest and random and hopefully get y’all excited. i want to inspire and relate and connect.

for now i am dreaming, humming, meditating, whispering, and wondering up ideas for this place. grasping always for love and bliss.

xo jkooi

p.s. this above picture is something i shot on my iphone. it’s an image from a lovely park in my hometown. with the heaps of dirty snow and the bitter chill that continues to haunt nyc, i decided to share this photo and start things out happy, fresh, warm, and blissfilled.


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