neighborhood roaming and relaxation




i basked  my face in the sun and played with light taking pictures throughout williamsburg, bk…a neighborhood near my own. i have recently fallen in love with taking pictures and it’s a hobby i have been working on. i only have a smart phone, but you gotta start somewhere. soon one day i dream of having my own special camera to take around with me.

after meandering through the sludgy streets of williamsburg, i wound up in a coffee shop with my latest book endeavor A Return to Love along side a creamy, rich cup of drip coffee. the first ten pages have already resonated.


the evening was spent cooking and drinking wine with someone special. after our bellies were bursting at the seems we walked to brooklyn’s transmitter park. it’s a hidden gem and the most breathtaking view of manhattan. the river was still and the skyline rested peacefully between the watercolored river and the stream-clouded sky. never have i felt such stillness looking at a bstling city skyline.

i carried that stillness back home with me and curled up in bed to dream.

today i open my heart to peace, stillness, and bliss. off to power vinyasa….

xo jkooi

” Meaning doesn’t lie in things. Meaning lies in us.” ~ Marianne Williamson

” Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts. It’s a ‘world beyond’ that we all secretly long for. An ancient memory of this love haunts all of us all the time, and beckons us to return. ” ~ Marianne Williamson


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