fueling to keep going

this winter has me convinced that my future lies in california. warm sunshine, salt water, sand in your toes. that sounds like heaven right now. the long, dreary and bitterly cold winter has definitely brought my spirit down. i feel very trapped not being able to enjoy going outside and staying in a tiny apartment with three room mates. i feel cooped up and claustrophobic. it was fun to get cozy for a little while, but this has been too, too long. and the sun has barely peered out of the clouds. i’ve been feeling down.

i recently rediscovered my yoga practice in the midst of this dark coldness, and my mat seems to be the only place i feel open and free. even in a room crammed with 8 rows of 12 people, i can just breath and let go. i have been itching for a run as well, but the ice and this video have deterred me from trying :


but yesterday, and I headed to yoga, i tasted spring. sweat gathered under my arms as i walked in 4 layers to the studio. my face got hot, and i smiled.

spring is coming. i know it. i just have to keep moving and fueling my body with the good stuff to keep going. it’s easy to just hibernate and sleep, but moving and sweating get me to that sweet spot that i need to keep going to and trying to remain in. temperatures are up, snow is melting, and maybe just maybe i’ll get in that run.


drinking up the good stuff. i swear by this tumeric drink…amazing.Image

fava bean salad and risotto dinner in a rustic italian restaurant with a dear girlfriend. thank goodness.


my walk to dinner into a sunset lit skyline across a connecting bridge.

xo juls



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