kicking ass and sleeping in

nothing like running for the first time in months. my relationship with running is sooo sporadic. i go through these incredible love affairs with it and then seasons change, life gets in the way, and bam. i dump running like it’s my job. i fell back in love with it last summer but dumped it around october. however it’s been luring me back, and boy did it do me right yesterday. nothing like that heart pounding, head rush, leg burn after a few months away.

maybe this relationship will last longer than a few months…could be a marriage?…but for now i am head over heels again.

after a first run is a long long time, i headed to a 60 minute hot yoga class to sweat and restore. i was dripping by the end, and felt super accomplished that i had double worked out. haven’t done that in forever! i also have a lot of beautiful time on my side this week because the nyc schools are off, so cramming in lots of movement and sweat has been BLISS.

of course, you gotta fuel up!


some post workout fuel : grilled sandwich with avocado+tomato+gouda+spinach+oat and flax bread






dinner with the roomie at an old-timey vegan diner, champs. the macro-licious bowl is bomb.

last night wearing glasses, slippers, leggings, and a HUGE sweatshirt, i spent some quality girl time with my room mate. there is nothing better that hanging out and getting comfortable with someone you haven’t really hung out with in a while. it was long overdue and quite special.


this morning i slept in. glorious sleep, you did my tired, sore body good. i rolled out of bed with a mess of bed head and sleep in my eyes. i made a mean bowl of oatmeal (with 3 squares of dark chocolate and a spoonful of almond butter) with a side of coffee.

tonight i am cooking up something good for some girl friends. wine, candles, and laughter to be shared. hoping to craft some bliss into this evening!

xo juls


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