bringing people together with home-cooking

there is something about being from the midwest that will always linger inside of me. i get so much joy out of inviting my friends over, making them feel comfortable, and treating them to a home cooked meal. and i mean i love every step of it–from venturing out to bed, bath, and beyond to get that food processor to make fresh hummus, to slicing and dicing loads of veggies so that prep is easier when my friends arrive (thank you mom for teaching me this one), to lighting candles and pouring wine, to plating the food, and of course chatting, laughing, and obviously dancing by the end of it all. i love when my friends leave with a full belly and heavy heart. i’m bursting with bliss.

thankfully that happened last night. as i had mentioned before i have been feeling really down with this winter, but yesterday the sun was up briefly, i got to cook and bring my friends together, and i ended up in someone special’s arms cuddling in bed. it was a perfect day and left me completely satisfied. i found myself only focusing on the day at hand and really working on living in the moment. my yoga practice has really been pushing me lately to think in this way, and it leads to such pleasure. it’s amazing. enjoying the now is what it’s all about.


sipping third-eye chai kombucha and it felt like spring by the window.



homemade hummus, bell peppers, crackers, bread, and gouda to start with a bottle of TJ’s finest.


quinoa stuffed zucchini that i mocked up from another recipe, and sweet potato and carrot baked fries.

i am hoping to get in a run and yoga this morning to end the week with a bang! sweat=sweet=bliss

xo juls


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