sunny and sweet

happy sunday! i hope y’all are taking it easy.

yesterday the sky was the bluest i have seen in a long time and i didn’t have to wear a winter coat!



wowzer that sun was bright. it’s incredible how a little vitamin D goes such a long way. i woke up and went for a quick run.  i must say, that third run after going months without one hurt. my stomach cramped up. thankfully i had some good tunes to push me through the cramping. i can’t wait to get better and better at running…i just hope i can keep up with it with my job starting back up tomorrow and the cold weather moving back in. finding balance and staying healthy is something i really want to keep working on.

then i spent the entire day walking around sunny, sweet brooklyn. everyone was out and about. all of us were like cockroaches coming out from our dark, tiny homes crawling around the neighborhood in the sunshine to get as much out of the day as we could. i came home after a long day walking around, sipping a cafe au lait, and window shopping to cook myself a veggie packed dinner.


spinach salad with tomatoes, parmesian, and roasted zucchini along side some roasted sweet potato fries. mmmm mmm. lacking on the protein, but my breakfast and lunch we packed with protein, so i felt okay about it. of course a cookie or three were had for dessert 🙂

the weather is lovely today as well. hoping to enjoy it and live in the blissful moments today!

xo juls


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