resetting for the week

good mornin’hope everyone had a restful and rejuvenating sunday! the nyc mind-winter break is over, and i head back to work today! back to the grind.

i took full advantage of the glorious sunshine yesterday by going for a quick run through a nearby park. the benches were filled with old brooklyn couples and young hipsters. everyone was back!

i also ran in shorts, and my pale legs may have blinded a few passerby’s, but i had to soak up those rays 😉

i even saw a convertible with it’s top down…that’s how you know it was warm. spring is inching it’s way here…although we’re back in the 30s over here.

after running i went grocery shopping in a dress sans tights with my room mate and we had a coffee date


this cute coffee bar by our place pours the good stuff, and there is nothing better then sipping on a coffee after a good workout with a good friend.

i also decided to go all out yesterday and hit up a hot yoga class.

my face was on fiya 45 mins in, but i made it through. the instructor kept saying “yes. it’s hot. that’s not going to change. now practice letting it go.” i spent some time in savasana really rendering this mantra. it’s hard to let go and be present when something to easily distracting is affecting you. it took a lot to remain present in class, but i was grateful i did. there is nothing like that total blissed-out feeling after hot yoga. i can never stop smiling/laughing.

i was ravenous by the time i got home. hot shower+dinner+GIRLS= perfect winding down to a powerful sunday.


quinoa, black beans, spinach, avocado, tomato

one of my room mates inspired this dish. she spoke to me about how sometimes it’s wonderful to keep dishes clean and simple so that you taste all of the ingredients/freshness.

hope to eat clean, sweat, spread love, and share bliss this week.

xo juls


3 thoughts on “resetting for the week

  1. You are so cute and funny!! I love reading your posts!! The weather yesterday was nice here, too and it was a great way to reset for the week (although now it’s cold again…)! 😉 Have a great day!

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