hey guys! i hope you’ve have a good weekend! mine has been jam packed!

so friday, i treated ma self to a soy misto at starbucks…


notice the wrong spelling. the barista called out “julio!” and when i approached the counter to pick up my coffee she looked at me very confused and we both shared a laugh before 8 AM! great start to the day.

my coworker is polish and i guess they celebrate mardi gras on thursday before, so she brought me a “pazcki”…a polish doughnut!


it’s like a beignet, but glazed and filled with raspberry jam! so delicious and not heavy like a doughnut.

after work on friday i forgo-ed my workout for a nap. i laid my head on my pillow at 4:30 and woke up at 8! i couldn’t believe i slept that long. i realized i was feeling kind of sick after i met up with some friends in manhattan and roamed around in the cold for pizza at midnight. i slept in laaaaaate on saturday and was feeling much better, so i hit the new gym for the first time. it was awesome!!!


easy 5K on the treadmill

15 minutes easy on the elliptical

2×10 bicep curls

2×10 tricep lifts

1 minute plank

lottsss of stretching

coffee with girlfriends and sushi rounded out the evening…so perfect.

my body is craving yoga, so that’s what’s in the works for me today. also resetting for the week : groceries, laundry, green juice all sound wonderful.

it’s suppose to snow here too…apparently if nyc gets 8 more inches of snow it will be the 2nd snowiest winter ever! craaazy.

hope you all had a great weekend! tell me about it! any sweating? good eats? fun times with friends?

xo juls



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