yoga sundays, cloudy mondays

hey guys! i hope your sunday was slow, relaxing, and full.

mine started out with a solid 90 minute vinyasa yoga class. about twice a year i get this incredible instructor at the studio i go to. he’s been at yoga to the people for years and is amazing. not only do i laugh out loud at each of his classes, but he always throws in interesting poses that i have never tried before. we worked on balancing with our eyes closed. it was amazing to feel how much i had to steady my mind to continue to balance. quieting the mind is something i really struggle with but focused on lots during the class which ended with a magnificent savasana.

the clouds rolled in along with the cold and i ended a relationship yesterday…what a tough week. yesterday was very hard, and so is today, so if i seem a little off or not as prompt with posts i am just trying to swim through this sea that seemingly keeps slapping me in the face with waves.

i definitely have a lot of exploring and soul searching in store, and want to keep you along for the ride. i plan to surf those waves soon. i just need some time to mull through the ocean, find my surf board, and find my balance.

today i definitely want to work out later to blow some steam and hopefully have a better night’s sleep tonight. i want to feel some inspiration today. if any of you guys can throw some inspirational bliss my way that’d be awesome. for now:



ॐ my spiritual Wonderland ॐ




source (buzzfeed)



xo juls


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