yesterday i woke up early to quickly warm up my legs on the elliptical at the gym. it was a mild workout.

i had grabbed some magazines for my flight back to the city on monday, but since i wound up talking to the man sitting next to me, i never got to read them. my usual go-to magazines for a flight are cosmopolitan and self magazine. since i had bought those two for my flight home, i picked up a women’s health magazine at the airport.

shakira was on the cover and there was a very insightful interview with her. i recently read this blog post from Mary Beth Larue, a yoga teacher based in Venice, CA who writes beautiful words and found it to be filtering the way i was reading women’s health. all i kept seeing was burn this many calories, each this many calories, stay under 1,600, she now weighs 118 how amazing. and then i looked on my elliptical and saw that apparently i had burned 700 calories (in 40 mins?). i became so aware of how caught up in numbers this magazine was (at least this particular issue…i also read Larue’s blog post after reading cosmopolitan and self, maybe a second read through of those magazines with this mindset would be equally insightful).

and i get so caught up too. calorie counting, calories burned, scales—they can completely take over. when they interviewed shakira about her workouts and gym regiments, she said she hadn’t been working out lately, but the article seemed to slide write into a new paragraph devoted to what shakira’s workouts have been in the past, or what they will be in the future. obviously i am aware that women’s health is a health magazine, but healthy also means enjoying every moment of life. i wanted to know more about shakira’s passions, her new children, what hobbies she has, what keeps her at peace–not just what she eats and what her workouts are. although workouts and eats are important for health and can be something that makes you happy, there is more to life that calories burned and calories eaten.

i even began to think of how often i think of numbers in terms of time…just got to get to this date, or this time, or go to bed at this time, wake up at this time, one more day, hour, week, etc. numbers have the capability of stripping away any sense of living for the now. they can easily become obsessions and bog me down.


feed your soul, not your calorie counter.

move and sweat for your soul, not to reach a number that a machine gives you.

hug your body-limbs, curves, and all because it’s a gift, not because you got to a number a machine shows you.

screw the numbers.

stop counting.

live now.

xo, juls



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