hey guys!

hope you are off to a good start to your week! yesterday and today the sun was out and the weather has been beautiful. spring feels like it’s coming!


it’s been tough to wake up early though now that the sun doesn’t start to peek up until around 7. but i have been really getting into breakfast in bed. here are some of my favorite breakfasts…


non-fat greek yogurt, blackberries, pomegranate seed, crunchy peanut butter, banana, and agave


siggi’s blueberry yogurt, pomegranate seeds, mango, peanut butter and latte flavored zico (AMAZING)


another yogurt bowl with blackberries, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, plus lots of PB!

i LOVE breakfast. i thinks it’s my favorite meal of the day, and there is nothing more relaxing than waking up, making a yummy breakfast, and reading or writing before getting ready for the day. it really gets me started off right. it’s a gift for myself.

since my recent break-up, i have been relishing in new things like peaceful breakfasts in bed or long nights with girlfriends. but obviously it’s still tough. i find myself already long for someone knew; for that comfort of being in a relationship. i can totally tell i am the type of person who feels the need for a companion to make me love myself more and it’s hard to work through that.

i have been thinking a lot on runs and long walks and my commute to and from work. i have been grappling lots with things i didn’t deal with in my relationship because of the comfort and stability it provided. like my body image issues or self-confidence in who i am or my careers/passions. i always want to look or seem a certain way. it’s so easy with facebook and instagram to constantly compare myself to other people instead of figuring my own self out. this last relationship was a crutch in some ways for deepening my self discovery. thankfully, this mourning/reflective post-relationship period is challenging me to deepen it. it’s starting with self-love. i have to fall in love with myself and who i am before i am ready for the right person who will come along.

so more breakfast in bed. more yoga. more singing. more dancing. more running. more smilling. more talking to strangers. more giving compliments. more hugs. more home-cooked meals. more random text messages. more long walks. more hot showers. more writing. more reading. more loving. more blissing. more laughing. more self-love.


(taken from tumblr)

i am heading to st. louis on thursday. can’t wait to get out of the city for a long weekend. more to come. thanks for reading.

how are you loving yourself?

xo juls



weekend recap

hey all!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. nyc was finally sunny for two days straight, and saturday was somewhat warm!

i started my saturday off with a 5 miles run jammin’ to some awesome tunes.

i was thrilled to see the farmer’s market opened by the park!


i truly felt the heartbeat of springtime.

after my run i headed into the city for brunch with a girlfriend:


i have an insane obsession with avocado and to top off a veggie omelet…amazing.

after brunch i met up with a friend for coffee and sitting in the glorious sun.

i saw this sign in the coffee shop and had to snap a pick…lol.


ha. my girlfriend and i really connected saturday. i don’t know if it was the spring breeze or the sun or what but i felt really close to her. it was really awesome. she’s such a cool person and it felt wonderful to spend the afternoon with her, sharing stories, thoughts, and reminiscing. later in the evening i skyped with my brother who is studying abroad in morocco right now. i am super fortunate to be able to visit him in april with my family, and from what he’s told me it sounds like a beautiful and magnificent country.

saturday night i danced through the streets of brooklyn blasting janelle monae with my good friend. we went out and danced the night away. i haven’t danced in so long and i felt so free on saturday night. without a care in the world, i danced until midnight.

andddd the clocks sprung forward. my room mate and i were up early enough to get a peaceful brunch and walk around the neighborhood as it awoke.

mornings are so magical and serene. there is something about the morning that gives me such a sense of possibility, ambition, and optimism. the day is starting and so many things can happen.

a double load of laundry later and i found myself drenched in sweat in what felt like a 15 minute yoga class, but was actually 90. i was so blissed out after yoga, i couldn’t stop noticing the smallest little things that were making me so happy. like all of the dogs in the park, the music in my ipod, the deli man’s kind smile.

spring is in the air, time is healing me, and i am becoming more and more ready for new beginnings.


let’s grab this week by the horns! bliss, love, and rock n’ roll!

xo juls


things i am grateful for:

that girl who smiled at me yesterday on that train.

puddles that birds take baths in..

texts that say, “thinking of you.”

heart to hearts.

breakfast in bed.

lazy mornings.

latte sipping.

springtime happy hours.

lighter nights.



that it’s friday,

yoga, love, peace, and the ability to breath.

a blissed out soul!


from tumblr


from tumblr

xo juls

falling down and non-resistance

after work yesterday, i listened to killin’ the vibe on repeat as i crowded in and out of trains to return home for a yoga class.

yoga was bliss. my mind was running wild, and it found peace during yoga.

at the start of yoga class i felt how much my body was craving the asanas. tears welled up in my eyes. yoga is self love. yoga is necessary.

while in tree pose, my instructor made a point that if you aren’t falling down you aren’t learning. he said this during tree on the right side, and during tree on the left side i closed my eyes and fell on my mat. i’m falling down lots lately, but it has been pushing/challenging me in new ways. falling is growing and learn and is OKAY.

after yoga i walked by the park and saw the happiest pup smiling at me and running around in the sun. it’s amazing that dogs are so content with a scratch behind the ear and a walk to the park. and they continue to love unconditionally. i’m not saying i want to be a dog, ha. but it’s just something i remembered looking into that dear dog’s eyes.

shortly after i saw this on the sidewalk. i walk by it everyday and have never noticed :


i went to sushi with another girlfriend…anyone see a pattern lately of me filling up my nights with friends?


a gorgeous platter of vegetarian rolls. YUM 🙂

i returned home and heart to hearted with my room mates which literally has happened in months. i was talking to them about how i was feeling and all of the self reflection i have been doing, and we got on the subject of meeting someone new, etc. it’s something that obviously i want to jump right into and take full control over. i am totally the type of person to put pressure on any situation that could result in meeting someone to try to take control.

in the middle of the night i woke up  restless and read a chapter in Return to Love about having faith in the universe and letting go. not resisting what the universe, or the earth, or nature, or God, or source, or whatever you think, has in store for you. having faith is something i struggle with daily. there is a lot of doubt, but it’s definitely due to my resistance. this chapter truly resonated, because it is probably the toughest thing for me. i want control over everything, but i can’t control my life outcomes. i can only control the love i soak in and emit. that is my spring jam right thurr.

have a great day…almost the weekend!

xo juls


just keep swimmin’

good morning!

thanks again for taking the time to read, y’all. you continue to keep me inspired.

yesterday was definitely a tough day, but i have been trying to keep myself busy. after a somewhat calm day at work, i read my way home on the train, listening to some ducktails. they were really hitting it yesterday.

i was soo sleepy all day yesterday from the lack of sleep the night before, but i knew i had to hit it hard at the gym at a chance of getting some shut eye last night. i ran a hard 5K on the treadmill + 20 bicep curls + 20 tricet lifts + 2 min plank (that was a killer).

lots of stretching and some smiley sun salutations rounded out the workout.

home to shower and then out with a girlfriend for some much needed venting plus:


very blurred…my apologies. but why, yes, that is a molten brownie with TWO scoops of ice cream. and a side of pinot grigio. just was the doctor ordered.

during this tough time i cannot believe how amazing my friends have been. they are truly the best in the world, and i am so grateful to have them.

in other eats:



overnight oats (one of my favorite healthy living blogs) in an almost empty peanut butter jar! with dried fruit, agave, greek yogurt, and almond milk.


yes it’s march and i ordered a skinny peppermint mocha mid day yesterday for a pick me up!



iced coffee with non-fat greek yogurt + banana + pomegranate seeds + blackberries + agave + a HEAPING spoonful of Earth Balance crunchy coconut peanut butter (first time trying this stuff and since i love coconut i was lovin’ it!)

today is a busy day, and i am not sure i’ll be able to squeeze in a work out. however, i want to keep an open mind and open heart. my heart is reaching to settle and find inner peace. i know a lot of deep breathing, meditating, and closing my eyes will be had. i am taking it very, very slow. live in the moment, always.

just a little story to appreciate the small things before i go. yesterday on my way to meet up with my girlfriend, i was searching violently for my metro card. it was an unlimited ($112) card i had just purchased that morning, and i had lost it. the last place i thought i had it was my gym, so i quickly hurried over to check if i could find it before heading to the train. i thought for sure it was gone (this wouldn’t be the first time unfortunately). i thought, great, of course this would happen, just keep piling up the mishaps life, why don’tcha.

and then i saw a small white square on the sidewalk. my metro card, right where i had left it. still there.

it was as though the universe was saying, you have lost some things. don’t worry. they are still there, right where you have left them. just gotta go find them.

gratitude, bliss, and smiles


going home to st. louis in a week and a half (selfie from home!)…you know i was trying to look cool!Image

sherbert sunset last night.


dragon art by a talented 5th grade artist at the school i work in 🙂

xo juls

yoga sundays, cloudy mondays

hey guys! i hope your sunday was slow, relaxing, and full.

mine started out with a solid 90 minute vinyasa yoga class. about twice a year i get this incredible instructor at the studio i go to. he’s been at yoga to the people for years and is amazing. not only do i laugh out loud at each of his classes, but he always throws in interesting poses that i have never tried before. we worked on balancing with our eyes closed. it was amazing to feel how much i had to steady my mind to continue to balance. quieting the mind is something i really struggle with but focused on lots during the class which ended with a magnificent savasana.

the clouds rolled in along with the cold and i ended a relationship yesterday…what a tough week. yesterday was very hard, and so is today, so if i seem a little off or not as prompt with posts i am just trying to swim through this sea that seemingly keeps slapping me in the face with waves.

i definitely have a lot of exploring and soul searching in store, and want to keep you along for the ride. i plan to surf those waves soon. i just need some time to mull through the ocean, find my surf board, and find my balance.

today i definitely want to work out later to blow some steam and hopefully have a better night’s sleep tonight. i want to feel some inspiration today. if any of you guys can throw some inspirational bliss my way that’d be awesome. for now:



ॐ my spiritual Wonderland ॐ




source (buzzfeed)



xo juls