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falling down and non-resistance

after work yesterday, i listened to killin’ the vibe on repeat as i crowded in and out of trains to return home for a yoga class.

yoga was bliss. my mind was running wild, and it found peace during yoga.

at the start of yoga class i felt how much my body was craving the asanas. tears welled up in my eyes. yoga is self love. yoga is necessary.

while in tree pose, my instructor made a point that if you aren’t falling down you aren’t learning. he said this during tree on the right side, and during tree on the left side i closed my eyes and fell on my mat. i’m falling down lots lately, but it has been pushing/challenging me in new ways. falling is growing and learn and is OKAY.

after yoga i walked by the park and saw the happiest pup smiling at me and running around in the sun. it’s amazing that dogs are so content with a scratch behind the ear and a walk to the park. and they continue to love unconditionally. i’m not saying i want to be a dog, ha. but it’s just something i remembered looking into that dear dog’s eyes.

shortly after i saw this on the sidewalk. i walk by it everyday and have never noticed :


i went to sushi with another girlfriend…anyone see a pattern lately of me filling up my nights with friends?


a gorgeous platter of vegetarian rolls. YUM 🙂

i returned home and heart to hearted with my room mates which literally has happened in months. i was talking to them about how i was feeling and all of the self reflection i have been doing, and we got on the subject of meeting someone new, etc. it’s something that obviously i want to jump right into and take full control over. i am totally the type of person to put pressure on any situation that could result in meeting someone to try to take control.

in the middle of the night i woke up  restless and read a chapter in Return to Love about having faith in the universe and letting go. not resisting what the universe, or the earth, or nature, or God, or source, or whatever you think, has in store for you. having faith is something i struggle with daily. there is a lot of doubt, but it’s definitely due to my resistance. this chapter truly resonated, because it is probably the toughest thing for me. i want control over everything, but i can’t control my life outcomes. i can only control the love i soak in and emit. that is my spring jam right thurr.

have a great day…almost the weekend!

xo juls