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weekend recap

hey all!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. nyc was finally sunny for two days straight, and saturday was somewhat warm!

i started my saturday off with a 5 miles run jammin’ to some awesome tunes.

i was thrilled to see the farmer’s market opened by the park!


i truly felt the heartbeat of springtime.

after my run i headed into the city for brunch with a girlfriend:


i have an insane obsession with avocado and to top off a veggie omelet…amazing.

after brunch i met up with a friend for coffee and sitting in the glorious sun.

i saw this sign in the coffee shop and had to snap a pick…lol.


ha. my girlfriend and i really connected saturday. i don’t know if it was the spring breeze or the sun or what but i felt really close to her. it was really awesome. she’s such a cool person and it felt wonderful to spend the afternoon with her, sharing stories, thoughts, and reminiscing. later in the evening i skyped with my brother who is studying abroad in morocco right now. i am super fortunate to be able to visit him in april with my family, and from what he’s told me it sounds like a beautiful and magnificent country.

saturday night i danced through the streets of brooklyn blasting janelle monae with my good friend. we went out and danced the night away. i haven’t danced in so long and i felt so free on saturday night. without a care in the world, i danced until midnight.

andddd the clocks sprung forward. my room mate and i were up early enough to get a peaceful brunch and walk around the neighborhood as it awoke.

mornings are so magical and serene. there is something about the morning that gives me such a sense of possibility, ambition, and optimism. the day is starting and so many things can happen.

a double load of laundry later and i found myself drenched in sweat in what felt like a 15 minute yoga class, but was actually 90. i was so blissed out after yoga, i couldn’t stop noticing the smallest little things that were making me so happy. like all of the dogs in the park, the music in my ipod, the deli man’s kind smile.

spring is in the air, time is healing me, and i am becoming more and more ready for new beginnings.


let’s grab this week by the horns! bliss, love, and rock n’ roll!

xo juls


yoga sundays, cloudy mondays

hey guys! i hope your sunday was slow, relaxing, and full.

mine started out with a solid 90 minute vinyasa yoga class. about twice a year i get this incredible instructor at the studio i go to. he’s been at yoga to the people for years and is amazing. not only do i laugh out loud at each of his classes, but he always throws in interesting poses that i have never tried before. we worked on balancing with our eyes closed. it was amazing to feel how much i had to steady my mind to continue to balance. quieting the mind is something i really struggle with but focused on lots during the class which ended with a magnificent savasana.

the clouds rolled in along with the cold and i ended a relationship yesterday…what a tough week. yesterday was very hard, and so is today, so if i seem a little off or not as prompt with posts i am just trying to swim through this sea that seemingly keeps slapping me in the face with waves.

i definitely have a lot of exploring and soul searching in store, and want to keep you along for the ride. i plan to surf those waves soon. i just need some time to mull through the ocean, find my surf board, and find my balance.

today i definitely want to work out later to blow some steam and hopefully have a better night’s sleep tonight. i want to feel some inspiration today. if any of you guys can throw some inspirational bliss my way that’d be awesome. for now:



ॐ my spiritual Wonderland ॐ




source (buzzfeed)



xo juls