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yesterday i woke up early to quickly warm up my legs on the elliptical at the gym. it was a mild workout.

i had grabbed some magazines for my flight back to the city on monday, but since i wound up talking to the man sitting next to me, i never got to read them. my usual go-to magazines for a flight are cosmopolitan and self magazine. since i had bought those two for my flight home, i picked up a women’s health magazine at the airport.

shakira was on the cover and there was a very insightful interview with her. i recently read this blog post from Mary Beth Larue, a yoga teacher based in Venice, CA who writes beautiful words and found it to be filtering the way i was reading women’s health. all i kept seeing was burn this many calories, each this many calories, stay under 1,600, she now weighs 118 how amazing. and then i looked on my elliptical and saw that apparently i had burned 700 calories (in 40 mins?). i became so aware of how caught up in numbers this magazine was (at least this particular issue…i also read Larue’s blog post after reading cosmopolitan and self, maybe a second read through of those magazines with this mindset would be equally insightful).

and i get so caught up too. calorie counting, calories burned, scales—they can completely take over. when they interviewed shakira about her workouts and gym regiments, she said she hadn’t been working out lately, but the article seemed to slide write into a new paragraph devoted to what shakira’s workouts have been in the past, or what they will be in the future. obviously i am aware that women’s health is a health magazine, but healthy also means enjoying every moment of life. i wanted to know more about shakira’s passions, her new children, what hobbies she has, what keeps her at peace–not just what she eats and what her workouts are. although workouts and eats are important for health and can be something that makes you happy, there is more to life that calories burned and calories eaten.

i even began to think of how often i think of numbers in terms of time…just got to get to this date, or this time, or go to bed at this time, wake up at this time, one more day, hour, week, etc. numbers have the capability of stripping away any sense of living for the now. they can easily become obsessions and bog me down.


feed your soul, not your calorie counter.

move and sweat for your soul, not to reach a number that a machine gives you.

hug your body-limbs, curves, and all because it’s a gift, not because you got to a number a machine shows you.

screw the numbers.

stop counting.

live now.

xo, juls



EATS+back to the grind

yesterday afternoon i rounded out my trip home with lunch at the zodiac room.


this restaurant was so chic and lovely. great ambiance, and wonderful food.


hellloooo crab cake salad


and chocolate bread pudding, creme brulee, and coffee to share!

on my flight home i started talking to a man seated next to me. we ended up talking the entire plane ride back. it was so cool. i have lately been getting a travel/moving bug and he had lived all over the country so it was fantastic to hear his perspective on different cities. his favorite city he said he lived in was denver, co, a city i have been seriously considering checking out more. i have lots of friends and family living out there and being immersed in the mountain side sounds spectacular.

it was so cool to connect with brian. i love when life brings in these random people in your life who you will probably never run into again, but were so close to for a mere couple of hours.

today, was back to work! i started my day with a treadmill workout at the gym and a green smoothie!



CLOSE UP!!! KALE blueberries, banana, non-fat greek yogurt, agave, and two heaping scoops of vanille protein powder. almond milk to get it moving.

clean eating to start off the day right 🙂

getting back into the swing of things is always a little tough, especially after having come home from an easy weekend. life can be really challenging, especially in nyc, but i am trying to keep it balanced and let things go. taking a candle lit yoga class tonight should round out the day. can’t wait to spill open into camel pose and release.

xo juls


treat yo self! it’s friday!

thanks for reading that last post y’all.

yesterday was still emotional and tough. my work day was long and on my commute home some random person yelled at me for bumping into her because i was trying to moving into the train cart to let others onto the train. that nasty comment seemed to send me over the edge again, and i just let it all out. everything i had been holding in poured out. but it felt good. really good.

needless to stay i went home after work yesterday and took a rest. what a crazy week.

i called some friends and my mama which made me feel a whole lot better. so grateful for the support of loved ones.

i realized that on my commute back i was getting anxious about making it to this yoga class on time. i have been feeling anxious about getting to the small gym i belong to before peek hours and to my yoga classes, and i realized that being anxious to go work out is not how things should be.

there is a more expensive gym one block from my apartment with amazing hours and classes. after this week i decided. screw it. i’m joining.

they have a month to month commitment plan, so if i end up not thinking it’s worth it, than i don’t have to pay the next month!

last night after taking a nap, eating a chocolatey and peanut buttery bowl of oatmeal and some ice cream…mmm comfort…i went to join the gym. it was the best part of my day.

the guy at the counter was unbelievably friendly, the facilities were gorgeous, and i walked out into the frigid air blowing wildy into my face with a great, big smile. my entire day had turned around.


class schedule and gym card!

also here are some recent eats!


oatmeal with banana, peanut butter, and dark chocolate with flax (decadent)

my lunch salad topped with hummus

dinner wednesday after a 3 mile run to clear my head was a baked sweet potato topped with roasted zucchini and asparagus + black beans + hummus…such a good combo!

it’s friday. i’ve joined a gym. i treated myself. i feel like i can breath. i’m getting a latte at starbuck this morning.

being good to yourself makes you good to others and keeps you happy 🙂

TGIF. Treat yo self!

be good to yourself. breath, sweat, move, smile, and fill up with love and bliss.

xo juls


resetting for the week

good mornin’hope everyone had a restful and rejuvenating sunday! the nyc mind-winter break is over, and i head back to work today! back to the grind.

i took full advantage of the glorious sunshine yesterday by going for a quick run through a nearby park. the benches were filled with old brooklyn couples and young hipsters. everyone was back!

i also ran in shorts, and my pale legs may have blinded a few passerby’s, but i had to soak up those rays 😉

i even saw a convertible with it’s top down…that’s how you know it was warm. spring is inching it’s way here…although we’re back in the 30s over here.

after running i went grocery shopping in a dress sans tights with my room mate and we had a coffee date


this cute coffee bar by our place pours the good stuff, and there is nothing better then sipping on a coffee after a good workout with a good friend.

i also decided to go all out yesterday and hit up a hot yoga class.

my face was on fiya 45 mins in, but i made it through. the instructor kept saying “yes. it’s hot. that’s not going to change. now practice letting it go.” i spent some time in savasana really rendering this mantra. it’s hard to let go and be present when something to easily distracting is affecting you. it took a lot to remain present in class, but i was grateful i did. there is nothing like that total blissed-out feeling after hot yoga. i can never stop smiling/laughing.

i was ravenous by the time i got home. hot shower+dinner+GIRLS= perfect winding down to a powerful sunday.


quinoa, black beans, spinach, avocado, tomato

one of my room mates inspired this dish. she spoke to me about how sometimes it’s wonderful to keep dishes clean and simple so that you taste all of the ingredients/freshness.

hope to eat clean, sweat, spread love, and share bliss this week.

xo juls