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home town lovin’

happy saturday!!!!!

wow this long weekend at home has been filled with gratitude. i am so happy to be relaxing and enjoying the gorgeous spring weather with my friends and family.

on thursday afternoon i got settled at home and had a home-cooked meal in the dining room. hooray for space, kitchen, and momma’s meals!


the sun setting through the window in a room full of candles with food and laughter is my idea of a perfect welcome.


my mom made an awesome Vietnamese dish with greens and veggies, noodles, and amazing shrimp. she is a rockstar in the kitchen and continues to inspire me. Vietnamese seems super intimidating to me, but my mom just went for it and it was delish.

friday morning i woke up slowly. big breakfast on the couch, doing a little writing and reading. i had to go for a run, even though i was suuuuper comfortable. the weather and sun were just too nice to pass up.

yesterday i had one of those runs where i felt like i could keep going and going. i recently got back into running from a 4 month stint of no runs, and i can’t believe how comfortable i have been feeling with my runs (knock on wood) ;). while getting back into running i have been practicing yoga about 4 times a week as well, and i truly think it has made a difference for me. i feel so light and free on my runs. my connection to my breath is steady and running is enjoyable and doesn’t feel like a chore. i felt very powerful yesterday, which felt reaaalll good.


check out my first selfie on this blog…looking sweaty and happy because i was!

the afternoon rounded out with a nature walk with my mom.


to be submersed in rows of trees, piles of leaves, and wandering on a rocky trail without a skyscraper at its end felt good. i had to pause and take notice that i was completely immersed in this nature path. there were no taxis driving by, no empty plastic water bottles on the trail, and no buildings obstructing my view of the trees and sunny sky. it was an itty bitty miracle, and a sweet, packed ounce of bliss.

this morning i hit the road with my dad and ran to a coffee shop sans music. i don’t remember the last time i ran without tunes, but i figured since i felt so great yesterday i would be fine. and i was. again i felt like i could keep going and going, running forever. so motivating. it was also nice to chat with my dad as we ran on, rounding out the morning with a vanilla almond milk latte. so so good.

i am curious to give running without music another try especially without someone to chat with as i run. i am curious to see how i would handle it. just me, my thoughts, my legs, and i. hmmm.

i hope you all are taking it easy this weekend. relax, find nature, and bliss out.


midwest…water towers, wires, and open skies

xo juls


weekend recap

hey all!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. nyc was finally sunny for two days straight, and saturday was somewhat warm!

i started my saturday off with a 5 miles run jammin’ to some awesome tunes.

i was thrilled to see the farmer’s market opened by the park!


i truly felt the heartbeat of springtime.

after my run i headed into the city for brunch with a girlfriend:


i have an insane obsession with avocado and to top off a veggie omelet…amazing.

after brunch i met up with a friend for coffee and sitting in the glorious sun.

i saw this sign in the coffee shop and had to snap a pick…lol.


ha. my girlfriend and i really connected saturday. i don’t know if it was the spring breeze or the sun or what but i felt really close to her. it was really awesome. she’s such a cool person and it felt wonderful to spend the afternoon with her, sharing stories, thoughts, and reminiscing. later in the evening i skyped with my brother who is studying abroad in morocco right now. i am super fortunate to be able to visit him in april with my family, and from what he’s told me it sounds like a beautiful and magnificent country.

saturday night i danced through the streets of brooklyn blasting janelle monae with my good friend. we went out and danced the night away. i haven’t danced in so long and i felt so free on saturday night. without a care in the world, i danced until midnight.

andddd the clocks sprung forward. my room mate and i were up early enough to get a peaceful brunch and walk around the neighborhood as it awoke.

mornings are so magical and serene. there is something about the morning that gives me such a sense of possibility, ambition, and optimism. the day is starting and so many things can happen.

a double load of laundry later and i found myself drenched in sweat in what felt like a 15 minute yoga class, but was actually 90. i was so blissed out after yoga, i couldn’t stop noticing the smallest little things that were making me so happy. like all of the dogs in the park, the music in my ipod, the deli man’s kind smile.

spring is in the air, time is healing me, and i am becoming more and more ready for new beginnings.


let’s grab this week by the horns! bliss, love, and rock n’ roll!

xo juls

just keep swimmin’

good morning!

thanks again for taking the time to read, y’all. you continue to keep me inspired.

yesterday was definitely a tough day, but i have been trying to keep myself busy. after a somewhat calm day at work, i read my way home on the train, listening to some ducktails. they were really hitting it yesterday.

i was soo sleepy all day yesterday from the lack of sleep the night before, but i knew i had to hit it hard at the gym at a chance of getting some shut eye last night. i ran a hard 5K on the treadmill + 20 bicep curls + 20 tricet lifts + 2 min plank (that was a killer).

lots of stretching and some smiley sun salutations rounded out the workout.

home to shower and then out with a girlfriend for some much needed venting plus:


very blurred…my apologies. but why, yes, that is a molten brownie with TWO scoops of ice cream. and a side of pinot grigio. just was the doctor ordered.

during this tough time i cannot believe how amazing my friends have been. they are truly the best in the world, and i am so grateful to have them.

in other eats:



overnight oats (one of my favorite healthy living blogs) in an almost empty peanut butter jar! with dried fruit, agave, greek yogurt, and almond milk.


yes it’s march and i ordered a skinny peppermint mocha mid day yesterday for a pick me up!



iced coffee with non-fat greek yogurt + banana + pomegranate seeds + blackberries + agave + a HEAPING spoonful of Earth Balance crunchy coconut peanut butter (first time trying this stuff and since i love coconut i was lovin’ it!)

today is a busy day, and i am not sure i’ll be able to squeeze in a work out. however, i want to keep an open mind and open heart. my heart is reaching to settle and find inner peace. i know a lot of deep breathing, meditating, and closing my eyes will be had. i am taking it very, very slow. live in the moment, always.

just a little story to appreciate the small things before i go. yesterday on my way to meet up with my girlfriend, i was searching violently for my metro card. it was an unlimited ($112) card i had just purchased that morning, and i had lost it. the last place i thought i had it was my gym, so i quickly hurried over to check if i could find it before heading to the train. i thought for sure it was gone (this wouldn’t be the first time unfortunately). i thought, great, of course this would happen, just keep piling up the mishaps life, why don’tcha.

and then i saw a small white square on the sidewalk. my metro card, right where i had left it. still there.

it was as though the universe was saying, you have lost some things. don’t worry. they are still there, right where you have left them. just gotta go find them.

gratitude, bliss, and smiles


going home to st. louis in a week and a half (selfie from home!)…you know i was trying to look cool!Image

sherbert sunset last night.


dragon art by a talented 5th grade artist at the school i work in 🙂

xo juls

healthy, simple lunch planning for busy bees

good morning!

it’s wednesday which basically means that after today it’s pretty much the weekend, right? 😉

yesterday, i took a blissful day off from working out to chat with friends and my parents, tidy up around the house, and cook dinner with a special person!


i recently got a food processor and made a mild home made pesto sauce last night for some brown rice pasta with sauteed mushrooms and tomatoes. here’s the recipe:

mild spinach pesto:


6 oz spinach

3 oz power greens

1/2 pine nuts, toasted

2 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed

1 and 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice

1/2 cup parmesan cheese

1/2 cup olive oil

1/4 tsp pepper

salt to taste


combine garlic, greens, and pine nuts in food processor. Add lemon juice, and parmesan. slowly add in olive oil. finally, season to taste with salt and pepper.

this sauce was mild, but delicious and could be so versatile! It could work on sandwiches, salads, or as a sauce for chicken or fish. definitely a winner, and sealed with a stamp of approval by my guest dinner judge!

this warm bowl of pasta alongside a large glass of red wine was the perfect way to unwind after a long day.


earlier, yesterday, i enjoyed a veggie packed salad–a staple in my week for lunch. i usually just don’t have the time to pack lunch everyday, but i cannot afford eating lunch out in the city, and it’s more difficult, i find, to stay healthy when eating out. so typically, i prep one huge dish of some sort on sunday, so I can simple throw one fifth of that dish into a tupperware container after brushing my teeth before bed. this week i prepped a huge, dry salad on sunday. i dress it in the morning or at work to keep everything from getting soggy.


spinach, power greens, chick peas, goat cheese, parmesan cheese, red peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, and i added the avocado last minute with the dressing. this meal keeps me focused and fueled through the afternoon. i’ll share some more ideas for lunches in the upcoming weeks!

i hope you all find some inner peace to hold on to today, and share love with someone else and especially yourself. move, sweat, listen, fill your belly, and smile.


beautiful sunset i photographed last evening…so excited that the sun is staying up longer!

xo juls


resetting for the week

good mornin’hope everyone had a restful and rejuvenating sunday! the nyc mind-winter break is over, and i head back to work today! back to the grind.

i took full advantage of the glorious sunshine yesterday by going for a quick run through a nearby park. the benches were filled with old brooklyn couples and young hipsters. everyone was back!

i also ran in shorts, and my pale legs may have blinded a few passerby’s, but i had to soak up those rays 😉

i even saw a convertible with it’s top down…that’s how you know it was warm. spring is inching it’s way here…although we’re back in the 30s over here.

after running i went grocery shopping in a dress sans tights with my room mate and we had a coffee date


this cute coffee bar by our place pours the good stuff, and there is nothing better then sipping on a coffee after a good workout with a good friend.

i also decided to go all out yesterday and hit up a hot yoga class.

my face was on fiya 45 mins in, but i made it through. the instructor kept saying “yes. it’s hot. that’s not going to change. now practice letting it go.” i spent some time in savasana really rendering this mantra. it’s hard to let go and be present when something to easily distracting is affecting you. it took a lot to remain present in class, but i was grateful i did. there is nothing like that total blissed-out feeling after hot yoga. i can never stop smiling/laughing.

i was ravenous by the time i got home. hot shower+dinner+GIRLS= perfect winding down to a powerful sunday.


quinoa, black beans, spinach, avocado, tomato

one of my room mates inspired this dish. she spoke to me about how sometimes it’s wonderful to keep dishes clean and simple so that you taste all of the ingredients/freshness.

hope to eat clean, sweat, spread love, and share bliss this week.

xo juls

sunny and sweet

happy sunday! i hope y’all are taking it easy.

yesterday the sky was the bluest i have seen in a long time and i didn’t have to wear a winter coat!



wowzer that sun was bright. it’s incredible how a little vitamin D goes such a long way. i woke up and went for a quick run.  i must say, that third run after going months without one hurt. my stomach cramped up. thankfully i had some good tunes to push me through the cramping. i can’t wait to get better and better at running…i just hope i can keep up with it with my job starting back up tomorrow and the cold weather moving back in. finding balance and staying healthy is something i really want to keep working on.

then i spent the entire day walking around sunny, sweet brooklyn. everyone was out and about. all of us were like cockroaches coming out from our dark, tiny homes crawling around the neighborhood in the sunshine to get as much out of the day as we could. i came home after a long day walking around, sipping a cafe au lait, and window shopping to cook myself a veggie packed dinner.


spinach salad with tomatoes, parmesian, and roasted zucchini along side some roasted sweet potato fries. mmmm mmm. lacking on the protein, but my breakfast and lunch we packed with protein, so i felt okay about it. of course a cookie or three were had for dessert 🙂

the weather is lovely today as well. hoping to enjoy it and live in the blissful moments today!

xo juls

sweating, sunset, and tacos!

yesterday a thick mist blanketed new york city as a brief storm moved in followed by warm temperatures. the city was eery and stunning all at once as i wove around and hopped over puddles and melting ice sheets during my run. it was so great to live through a run again. those first harsh minutes turn into infinite time where you feel like you could run forever.

after my run i headed to a power vinyasa flow yoga class. lizard and half pigeon opened up so much more than my stiff hips. for that, i am grateful.

a shower and snack later…


and i was off to meet a good friend for lunch and coffee.

MUD is heavenly, and you must go if you visit nyc.



the storm slowly crept in but girlfriend at i were safe inside sipping our warm drinks and heart-to-hearting (my favorite thing)!

she is such an inspiration. i was talking to her about netflix and spotify premium, both monthly expense essentials for me, and i was taken aback when she said she had neither! i kept trying to persuade her to get one because they are so awesome, but she wasn’t interested. then she told me that she spends $30.00/month to sponsor a child in Chile through Children’s International. additionally, not only is she an amazing teacher, last night she was going to go volunteer at a center for people with HIV/AIDS. she is such an incredible and giving person. she truly inspired me yesterday to spread more love and hold more gratitude.

heading back to the train i saw this


perfect end to a foggy/stormy day. doesn’t even look like i’m in manhattan!

i made it back to brooklyn and was craving tacos. mexican food is a thing in brooklyn. it’s everywhere, and for the east cost it’s pretty damn good. ordering in tacos after cooking all day thursday for my dinner party was a good choice.


a little blurry, but alongside a modelo…mmmm mmmm!

after that, wine with a girlfriend, and a margarita with someone special were the best ways to cap off my friday night. now off to enjoy some sunshine and get outside before winter comes back!

xo juls