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hey all.

it’s been a while. spring has sparked a resurgence within me, and i have decided to take a break from this blog and focus more on some artistic endeavors and creative pursuits at the moment. this blog and your support have truly helped me to heal this past month. i will surely be back, but as of now, please check out my tumblr: anthologyofkooi.tumblr.com if you are interested in scoping out more of my photos, poems, and some stories. you may see some cross over material 🙂 thanks again for your love!


xo juls



hey guys!

hope you are off to a good start to your week! yesterday and today the sun was out and the weather has been beautiful. spring feels like it’s coming!


it’s been tough to wake up early though now that the sun doesn’t start to peek up until around 7. but i have been really getting into breakfast in bed. here are some of my favorite breakfasts…


non-fat greek yogurt, blackberries, pomegranate seed, crunchy peanut butter, banana, and agave


siggi’s blueberry yogurt, pomegranate seeds, mango, peanut butter and latte flavored zico (AMAZING)


another yogurt bowl with blackberries, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds, plus lots of PB!

i LOVE breakfast. i thinks it’s my favorite meal of the day, and there is nothing more relaxing than waking up, making a yummy breakfast, and reading or writing before getting ready for the day. it really gets me started off right. it’s a gift for myself.

since my recent break-up, i have been relishing in new things like peaceful breakfasts in bed or long nights with girlfriends. but obviously it’s still tough. i find myself already long for someone knew; for that comfort of being in a relationship. i can totally tell i am the type of person who feels the need for a companion to make me love myself more and it’s hard to work through that.

i have been thinking a lot on runs and long walks and my commute to and from work. i have been grappling lots with things i didn’t deal with in my relationship because of the comfort and stability it provided. like my body image issues or self-confidence in who i am or my careers/passions. i always want to look or seem a certain way. it’s so easy with facebook and instagram to constantly compare myself to other people instead of figuring my own self out. this last relationship was a crutch in some ways for deepening my self discovery. thankfully, this mourning/reflective post-relationship period is challenging me to deepen it. it’s starting with self-love. i have to fall in love with myself and who i am before i am ready for the right person who will come along.

so more breakfast in bed. more yoga. more singing. more dancing. more running. more smilling. more talking to strangers. more giving compliments. more hugs. more home-cooked meals. more random text messages. more long walks. more hot showers. more writing. more reading. more loving. more blissing. more laughing. more self-love.


(taken from tumblr)

i am heading to st. louis on thursday. can’t wait to get out of the city for a long weekend. more to come. thanks for reading.

how are you loving yourself?

xo juls


weekend recap

hey all!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend. nyc was finally sunny for two days straight, and saturday was somewhat warm!

i started my saturday off with a 5 miles run jammin’ to some awesome tunes.

i was thrilled to see the farmer’s market opened by the park!


i truly felt the heartbeat of springtime.

after my run i headed into the city for brunch with a girlfriend:


i have an insane obsession with avocado and to top off a veggie omelet…amazing.

after brunch i met up with a friend for coffee and sitting in the glorious sun.

i saw this sign in the coffee shop and had to snap a pick…lol.


ha. my girlfriend and i really connected saturday. i don’t know if it was the spring breeze or the sun or what but i felt really close to her. it was really awesome. she’s such a cool person and it felt wonderful to spend the afternoon with her, sharing stories, thoughts, and reminiscing. later in the evening i skyped with my brother who is studying abroad in morocco right now. i am super fortunate to be able to visit him in april with my family, and from what he’s told me it sounds like a beautiful and magnificent country.

saturday night i danced through the streets of brooklyn blasting janelle monae with my good friend. we went out and danced the night away. i haven’t danced in so long and i felt so free on saturday night. without a care in the world, i danced until midnight.

andddd the clocks sprung forward. my room mate and i were up early enough to get a peaceful brunch and walk around the neighborhood as it awoke.

mornings are so magical and serene. there is something about the morning that gives me such a sense of possibility, ambition, and optimism. the day is starting and so many things can happen.

a double load of laundry later and i found myself drenched in sweat in what felt like a 15 minute yoga class, but was actually 90. i was so blissed out after yoga, i couldn’t stop noticing the smallest little things that were making me so happy. like all of the dogs in the park, the music in my ipod, the deli man’s kind smile.

spring is in the air, time is healing me, and i am becoming more and more ready for new beginnings.


let’s grab this week by the horns! bliss, love, and rock n’ roll!

xo juls


things i am grateful for:

that girl who smiled at me yesterday on that train.

puddles that birds take baths in..

texts that say, “thinking of you.”

heart to hearts.

breakfast in bed.

lazy mornings.

latte sipping.

springtime happy hours.

lighter nights.



that it’s friday,

yoga, love, peace, and the ability to breath.

a blissed out soul!


from tumblr


from tumblr

xo juls

fueling to keep going

this winter has me convinced that my future lies in california. warm sunshine, salt water, sand in your toes. that sounds like heaven right now. the long, dreary and bitterly cold winter has definitely brought my spirit down. i feel very trapped not being able to enjoy going outside and staying in a tiny apartment with three room mates. i feel cooped up and claustrophobic. it was fun to get cozy for a little while, but this has been too, too long. and the sun has barely peered out of the clouds. i’ve been feeling down.

i recently rediscovered my yoga practice in the midst of this dark coldness, and my mat seems to be the only place i feel open and free. even in a room crammed with 8 rows of 12 people, i can just breath and let go. i have been itching for a run as well, but the ice and this video have deterred me from trying :


but yesterday, and I headed to yoga, i tasted spring. sweat gathered under my arms as i walked in 4 layers to the studio. my face got hot, and i smiled.

spring is coming. i know it. i just have to keep moving and fueling my body with the good stuff to keep going. it’s easy to just hibernate and sleep, but moving and sweating get me to that sweet spot that i need to keep going to and trying to remain in. temperatures are up, snow is melting, and maybe just maybe i’ll get in that run.


drinking up the good stuff. i swear by this tumeric drink…amazing.Image

fava bean salad and risotto dinner in a rustic italian restaurant with a dear girlfriend. thank goodness.


my walk to dinner into a sunset lit skyline across a connecting bridge.

xo juls


snow bird bath

walking to a restorative yoga class to start my week off ready, the sun danced on my face. i smelt the faintest scent of spring sprouting through the iced over mounds of snow. turning the corner, i saw five playful sparrows rustling their wings in the fresh puddle of melted snow. their splashes glistened in the sunlight and i felt spring.

sun salutations were especially invigorating in my practice this morning.

nothing like a snowy bird bath to start things off right; however, snow is definitely in the forecast for tomorrow…but temperatures will warm up it looks like!  this afternoon will be centered around enjoying the sunlight, taking pictures, drinking coffee, and snuggling up for the next blast of snow. just trying to find the bliss in every crack of this long and dirty winter.

seeking bliss…xx jkooi