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r&r in the midwest

hey all,

this afternoon i am headed home for a long relaxing weekend to my hometown, st. louis, mo! shout out to the midwest!

i can’t wait for long walks with my mom, catching up with old friends, and lots of home-cooked meals, dancing, and wine with my family!

workouts as of late:

saturday : 5 mile run across the williamsburg bridge

sunday : 90 minute hot yoga class

monday : 30 min elliptical + 60 minute power vinyasa class

tuesday: 2 mile walk through central park

wednesday (yesterday) : 5K on treadmill + 60 min power vinyasa flow

my workouts have been my therapy lately. running and yoga transport me to these sweet places of peace. there is nothing better than shutting out your life for an hour of pacing and breathing through a trail or on your mat.

yesterday, i reallllyyy didn’t want to go to yoga. i was tired, fell asleep on my commute home, and my eyes were crying for more rest. when i got home, construction men were renovating an apartment above mine. i had two choices–make it to my mat, or attempt to nap with drilling and banging above my head. the choice was obvious at that point…yoga. i told myself, if i had to take child’s pose for 60 minutes i would.

i got to class and laid in savasana until class began, but once i made it to that first down dog, my face was smiling the rest of class. the past two months of getting back into my practice and taking it seriously have brought my body and soul to this place where it craves the asanas and the breathing and it’s a beautiful place to be. it makes me feel powerful in peace, flexibility, movement, and meditation.

getting to class yesterday was a miracle for me…and miracle that carried me through a wonderful night spent with dear friends. yoga yesterday allowed me to laugh, lose track of time, and be more myself than i have felt in a long while. a true miracle and blessing. a wonderful perspective shift.

hope you all have a fantastic day and live now and presently. i’ll leave you with some pictures and a quote that’s been resonating lately.


first iced coffee of the season! hooray! 🙂


coffee coffee coffee #intelligentsia



sunrises on my walk to working yesterday morning. yum.


night spring shower view from taxi cab window

” ‘All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing’…A miracle is a shift in thinking from what we might have done in the past or should be doing in the future, to what we feel free to do right here, right now. A miracle is a release from our internal bondage” – Marianne Williamson

bliss xo,




hey guys! i hope you’ve have a good weekend! mine has been jam packed!

so friday, i treated ma self to a soy misto at starbucks…


notice the wrong spelling. the barista called out “julio!” and when i approached the counter to pick up my coffee she looked at me very confused and we both shared a laugh before 8 AM! great start to the day.

my coworker is polish and i guess they celebrate mardi gras on thursday before, so she brought me a “pazcki”…a polish doughnut!


it’s like a beignet, but glazed and filled with raspberry jam! so delicious and not heavy like a doughnut.

after work on friday i forgo-ed my workout for a nap. i laid my head on my pillow at 4:30 and woke up at 8! i couldn’t believe i slept that long. i realized i was feeling kind of sick after i met up with some friends in manhattan and roamed around in the cold for pizza at midnight. i slept in laaaaaate on saturday and was feeling much better, so i hit the new gym for the first time. it was awesome!!!


easy 5K on the treadmill

15 minutes easy on the elliptical

2×10 bicep curls

2×10 tricep lifts

1 minute plank

lottsss of stretching

coffee with girlfriends and sushi rounded out the evening…so perfect.

my body is craving yoga, so that’s what’s in the works for me today. also resetting for the week : groceries, laundry, green juice all sound wonderful.

it’s suppose to snow here too…apparently if nyc gets 8 more inches of snow it will be the 2nd snowiest winter ever! craaazy.

hope you all had a great weekend! tell me about it! any sweating? good eats? fun times with friends?

xo juls